when to buy and rent office

are you looking to rent or  buy an office

office or commercial property is something that is not known by many but for the few business owners who know how to own and make money from them.

When residential markets are slow, the commercial market will pick up because the funds have to go somewhere.

There are various types and commercial can include shop space, office or even industrial work space.

Buying an office may be a good long term strategy because you own and you pay rent to yourself. You can sell it after wards to get a bigger space when you expand.

decide and buy and rent today


learning to do business in singapore

there are many things that you need to learn when you run a business and running a business in Singapore is not an easy thing


Singapore is a small nation but with a globally important business hub and financial position in the world.


Singapore is one of the top 4 financial hubs in the world and most of South east asian companies have their head quarters in Singapore because of the tax systems and also the great

Why you should find an agent to help with office search

Office search is a very tedious step that every business owner will need to go through

Singapore is small but a big economy as compared to its size, there is a  lot of vibrancy and there are a lot of office around for people to choose from

This makes things very interesting for someone who is looking to set up shop in Singapore

Prices can range and there are many options for many different types of business

Take for example industrial space, they are the cheapest options around and did you know programming companies can use such spaces and it is legal

Media companies can also do so.

Finding an agent to help with office search is a fool proof way to go about doing it and there are many benefits in doing so

  1. You get someone to help you sieve out the worse

Agents are experience, they can tell you what is not good, what is good, why this is good and why not good

This makes your choosing a lot easier.


2. Agents dont cost too much

For a piece of mind why do you bother saving, the land lord pays for it anyway

office search in singapore

searching for office in singapore is no easy feat.

Singapore might be small but the cost for the office at different locations can vary very differently.

Take the central business district area shenton way, it can go from 5 dollars per square foot to 20 dollars per square foot and this does not make it that much easier because you are paying for the quality, the location and the view and this makes it tough

If you are a foreign company coming to Singapore for the first time, it might be better for the business owners to find an experienced person or agent to help with the search

Searching can come from many dimensions.

Based on

  1. location
  2. budget
  3. facing
  4. surrounding amenities

There are more to be concerned about and we can slowly learn about them